Theater Red

Theater Red


If you love movies and you want to bring leisure right into your home, this is the power modular set that can showcase the ultimate entertainment. With the classic red that looks exactly as theater chairs, it will be a perfect addition to your surround sound system that can bring spectacle experience to your favorite movie. You will only need to push the button, and all the chairs can recline to your favorite position to watch a film. With the steady cup holders that can put your soft drink or a can of beer and also comfortable armrest on the side, how can you not love the convenience about this modular set? 

  • Detail

    Dimensions Two Sector Arm: 47" x 36" x 43"H Single Sector Arm: 40" x 36" x 43"H
    Units/case N/A
    Weight (per unit) N/A (lbs)
    Volume (per unit) N/A (cu ft)
    Materials Breathable Leatherette : Red with metal recline mechanism

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